Oliebollen at last

Living in Thailand

Oliebollen (deep fried doughnut balls) are a traditional Dutch speciality normally eaten when celebrating New Year. In December you will see on the streets Oliebollen. But well that is all lacking when living in Thailand. But of course the Dutch roots can not be hidden under a palmtree so when I was in my home country last year I did not only eat oliebollen on the street but I did also buy a pack of Oliebollen Mix. It is easy to make, just a pack of special flower, mixed with dried raisins, 2 eggs and 300cc of water is all mixed together in 2 min. In the meanwhile the olie is heated to 190℃. Then balls of dough are fried for about 4 to 5 min in the hot oil. Before served to people some powdered sugar is scattered over the oliebollen. I still love it! It brings back memories of good days as child in my home country. And I like sweet cookies, so this is perfect. Even my Thai wife likes them. 


cat said…
Google vetkoek
...really an unsweetened doughnut (the original doughnut, not the amerikan ring doughnut.) But vetkoek is usually eaten with stew, instead of bread or rice.
Little Elephant said…
It is not vetkoek, it are oliebollen. It is a kind of snack.
cat said…
Obviously and obviously.

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