Running our homestay Non Na Pua

Since December 2019 we are running our homestay called "Non Na Pua - นอนนา ปัว", what in Thai means something like "Sleeping / relaxing between the rice fields of Pua". It is only 1 bungalow in our 1 rai garden, so we are living almost right next to it. But still have our own privacy as well that guests have their own privacy. Our bungalow can be booked via Booking, Agoda, Airbnb or directly with us via our facebook page or just by calling us. November, December and January are high-season months here in Nan province, so we should actually have openend at least 1 month earlier. In Nan province 95% of the tourists are Thai so that is our main target. Following are some statistics from the past 2 months and forecast for the next few months.

December :
  • Occupancy rate : 65%
  • Direct bookings : 50%
  • Walk-in booking : 0
  • No shows : 0
  • Cancelations : 2
  • Thai guests per night : 70%
  • Average nights per booking : 1.5
January :
  • Occupancy rate : 35%
  • Direct bookings : 40%
  • Walk-in booking : 1
  • No shows : 0
  • Cancelations : 1
  • Thai guests per night : 100%
  • Average nights per booking : 1.25
Following months :
  • Bookings came in for February, April and November
  • But bookings in February and April were cancelled or amended
Learning from statistics :
  • We should try to get more direct booking and save ourselves the commission paid to Booking, Airbnb or Agoda.
  • We should try to get more people to stay at least 2 or 3 days.


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