Travel Tips : The weather in North Thailand

I am living now in Thailand for 20 years and I have never seen such a weather like we are seeing now. Yes the weather has changed, not only in Thailand but worldwide I think. It is now 9 February 2020 and in the evening, night and morning it is still cold (well for Thai standards) in Nan province, North Thailand (see photo above). Normally it would be cold in the mountains of Thailand from mid December to mid January. But it is now begin February, we have not used the air-conditioning for 3 months and we are still sleeping under a thick blanket. In the morning I am wearing a warm pullover. And it is not only still cold it is also dry. Very dry. Actually it has not been raining since 3 months. And the forecast is that it will not be raining in the next 2 or 3 months. So it is going to be dry, very very dry. Not good for farmers! Luckily we are living nearby mountains, from where many small rivers are going to the valley. And although there is not much water in this rivers, there is until now always water. Although the temperatures are nice we are wishing for rain. Not only for the flowers and trees but also to clean the air.


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