Travel Tips : The Corona Crisis at 8 February 2020

To date of today 8 February 2020 I assume that anyone with access to news media knows that since December 2019 there is a flu-like virus going over almost all the world. In the media this flu-like virus is called Corona, but actually is labelled 2019-nCov. As Corona is a family name of a virus. The medical world does not know yet much about this virus except that it can be transmitted from human to human, it has an incubation time of 14 days and that you can die from it. The latter said, you can also die from any ordinary flu-virus. But currently there are worldwide at 7 February 2020 more as 31.000 people confirmed to have the virus and 637 people died of the virus. But mostly (97%) in China. But the numbers are growing daily. Outside China there have been confirmed people with the virus in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Korea, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Cambodia,  India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, UK, Russia, Belgium, Finland, Spain,  Sweden and UAE. And I am sure this list will grow in the coming weeks and months. For more information see : WHO Emergencies.

So should we worry? My personal advice is, Yes!
So should be panic? Again my personal advice, No!

We should take all measures we can to prevent spreading and getting the virus. But it is like a flu-virus, if we would monitor a new ordinary flu-virus we would probably see that within a few months it is spreading all over the world also. But worldwide traveling has become so easy and so popular. And for many countries it has become an important source of income. So the advice not to travel will not be given lightly.

So what I personally do? I minimise traveling and staying at place with crowds of people. And at big public places like a supermarket I will be wearing a face-mask (although that probably only protect others not yourself).

Do I trust any government in handling this criss correct? No, as we see now that different countries take different measures. All just to protect their own country. So you better trust yourself.


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