Travel Tips : Hotels in Cambodia

Accommodation in Cambodia

While traveling a lot I of course stay in many hotels, not only in Thailand but also in Cambodia. If you click on the label Staying at .... then you will see all postings that I made about staying in hotels anywhere in the past 10 years. But I love statistics so I made a list of all hotels I stayed in Thailand. And this posting is about all hotels in stayed in Cambodia. Maybe this list of hotels helps you choosing your hotel in Cambodia. This list of hotels in Cambodia starts September 2010 and is last updated at 10 February 2020. For all postings about hotels in Cambodia see Staying in Cambodia.

Accommodation & Hotels marked with ⭐️ are favourite hotels of me, sometimes because of the wonderful service or breakfast buffet. Sometimes because of the good location, then also marked with  🌏.
  1. Battambang - Bambu Hotel ⭐️
  2. Battambang - La Villa Hotel
  3. Ban Lung - Ratana Resort
  4. Ban Lung - Ratana City Hotel
  5. Ban Lung - Terres Rouges Lodge ⭐️
  6. Ban Lung - Tree Top Lodge
  7. Kampong Cham - Mekong Hotel
  8. Kamping Channg - Sovann Phum Hotel
  9. Kratie - Santepheap Hotel
  10. Phnom Penh - Le Grand Mekong (riverside)
  11. Phnom Penh - Lux Riverside Hotel (almost riverside)
  12. Phnom Penh - The Castle Hotel (riverside)
  13. Phnom Penh - Cozyna Hotel (riverside)
  14. Phnom Penh - The Bougainville Hotel (riverside)
  15. Phnom Penh - The Blue Lime Hotel
  16. Phnom Penh - River 108 Hotel (almost riverside)
  17. Phnom Penh - The Quay Hotel (riverside) ⭐️ 🌏
  18. Phnom Penh - Le Biz Hotel
  19. Sen Monorom - Oeun Sakona Hotel
  20. Sihanoukville -  The Independence Hotel
  21. Sihanoukville - Sokha Beach Resort


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