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Accommodation in Vietnam

While traveling a lot I of course stay in many hotels, not only in Thailand but also in Vietnam. If you click on the label Staying at .... then you will see all postings that I made about staying in hotels anywhere in the past 10 years. But I love statistics so I made a list of all hotels I stayed in Thailand. And this posting is about all hotels in stayed in Vietnam. Maybe this list of hotels helps you choosing your hotel in Vietnam. This list of hotels in Vietnam starts mid 2019 and is last updated at 5 February 2020. For all postings about hotels in Vietnam see Staying in Vietnam.

Accommodation & Hotels marked with ⭐️ are favourite hotels of me, sometimes because of the wonderful service or breakfast buffet. Sometimes because of the good location, then also marked with  🌏.
  1. Can Tho - TTC Can Tho Hotel (riverside) 🌏
  2. Doi Hong - Muong Thanh Hotel
  3. Halong city - City Bay Palace Hotel
  4. Hanoi - Amadas Hotel
  5. Hoi An - Kim An Hotel
  6. Hoi An - Lotus Hotel
  7. Hue - Thanh Lich Royal Boutique Hotel (center)
  8. Hue - Gold Hotel (center)
  9. Mui Ne - Allezboo Beach Resort (right along the beach) ⭐️ 🌏
  10. Nha Trang - Balcony Hotel
  11. Ninh Binh - Thuy Anh Hotel
  12. Saigon - La Felix Hotel 
  13. Saigon - Le Grand Duy Hotel
  14. Qui Nhon - Seagull Hotel (sea side)


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