About Doi Pha Phaeng Viewpoint near Manipruek

Doi Pha Phaeng Viewpoint is near Manipruek in the mountains of Doi Phu Kha with a stunning view over the mountains at sunrise or sunset. In the dry / cool season this viewpoint is easy to reach but in the raining season it is a long & dirty hiking trip. 

** Photo above is not mine but borrowed from Phu Vae View Home.

When to go to Doi Pha Phaeng Viewpoint?

All year around, but best to be visited at the end of the raining season or during the cool season, from October to March. 

How to get there?

Best with your own transport. From Nan follow route 101 to Pua and Chiang Klang. A bit after Chiang Klang there are signs for Manipruek. Follow route 4017 until the Y-intersection. Here you can choose left or right. Keep following the road, if you go to the right then at you come at a T-intersection. Go to the left and keep on following the road. After a few km the road will change into a dirt road and during the raining season this is one big mud pool. Mind you it will take you at least 2 hours driving from Nan town.

Road condition

Currently at September 2020 route 4017 from Chiang Klang to Manipruek is in good condition but that can vary a lot during or just after the raining season. Landslides are a normal thing along this route.


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