About Mae Charim National Park in Nan province

Mae Charim National Park was established in 1961 and is at one of the "off the beaten track corners" of Nan province, with the Wa River and wild mountains as main attraction. One of the things to do here is wild water rafting on the Wa River. Doi Kun Lan is the highest mountain within the park, with a height of about 1.500m above sea-level. Besides wild water rafting it is a great area for hiking but better ask the park rangers! Be aware there are not much accommodation or restaurants nearby. For about the wild water rafting see Wild Water Rafting in the Wa RiverMae Charim National Park is 56 km south-west of Nan town, about 18 km south of Mae Charim. For other National Parks in Nan click on National Parks & Caves in Nan Province. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand.

Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand
Mae Charim National Park in Nan province, North Thailand

How to get to Mae Charim National Park?

By private car or motorbike from Nan town best to follow route 1168 for 38 km to the village Mae Charim. Then continue on route 1243 for another 18km until you see signs to go to the left for Mae Charim National Park.

By public transport you could take the Songteauw bus to Mae Charim and then arrange a private transport to Mae Charim National Park.

Location of Mae Charim National Park


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