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The Pink Blossoms of Chompoo Phu Kha are the flowers of a very special tree that can be found along route 1256 from Pua to Bo Klua. The international name of this tree is the Bretschneidera sinensis Hemsl and in Thailand can only be found at this place. It was thought to be extinct from Thailand, but medio 2000 the tree was rediscovered in Doi Phu Kha National Park. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Once a year there is a festival held during the time that the Chompoo (pink) Khu Kha tree is in full bloom. The festival is to celebrate full blossom of the tree and honour the spirits that protect the tree. The shrine build next to the tree also honours the dynasty of Phukha, the old rulers of Pua, the first capital of what would become the Nan Kingdom.  Of course you can go there the all year but the time that the tree blossoms is in February / March. The festival days change per year, but mostly end of February. The Comphu Pha Kha Shrine is along route 1256 from Pua to Bo Klua. Best to go there  with your own or hired transport. From Nan take route 101 to Pua and from there route 1256 in direction of Bo Klua.

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