About the Wat Phumin in Nan town

The Wat Phumin is Nan's most famous temple, originally constructed in 1596, but damaged by flooding and reconstructed mid 1800. The given date's change depending on what resource you are reading, as Thai use the religious foundation of a temple not the real start of building. This temple is famous for the impressive interior with Tai Lue murals (Pu Man). One part of the murals, the whispering man & lady, have even become the symbol of Nan. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand.

Also famous because it is the only temple build in a cruciform and like it were on the back of 2 giants snakes (Dragons / Naga's). In the garden behind the temple is an interesting building called "Hell" (not child friendly), showing what happens to you when you are not a good person. There are local guides to explain you about the tempel, not free and not sure if they have English speaking guides. In the evening all temples in the Historic Center of Nan town are illuminated, what makes a beautiful sight. Nearby the Wat Phumin is the National Museum, Wat Ming Muang and the Tourist Information Center . Next to the temple is the Kuang Muang (City Square) where you can eat when there is the Weekend Market(WalkingStreet) in front of the temple.

The Wat Phumin can be visited all year around, daily from 8:00 - 17:00 and entrance is free. The Wat Phumin is located in the Historical Center of Nan town. Within Nan town you can get to the Wat Phumin by Foot, Bicycling, Electric Tram or Samlor.

Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand

Murals at the Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand
Murals at Wat Phumin
Murals at the Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand
Famous part of the murals inside the Wat Phumin
Hell at the Wat Phumin in Nan - Thailand
Hell in de building behind Wat Phumin


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