Lets go Wild Water Rafting in the Wa River in Nan province

One of the famous things to do in Nan province is Wild Water Rafting in the Wa River. The Wa River is one of the 2 major rivers in Nan province and starts in Doi Phu Pha National Park. At Mae Charim National Park the Wa River goes thru mountains bordering Laos and the river has here great opportunities for rafting. There are shorter & longer options for rafting and they change depending on the water-level and situation of the river. So best to check it out at the National Park itself.

Wild Water Rafting in the Wa River in Nan - Thailand

When to go rafting?

Best to do at the end of the raining season or during the cool season, from September to February. Although if you like really wild water you might go when in the full raining season. But if the water is too wild they will stop the rafting.

Where to go rafting?

Mae Charim National Park is the most famous place for it (60km south-west of Nan town).

How to get there?

Best to go there with your own transport, although there are Song-Theauws going to Mae Charim village. By car / motorbike from Nan town follow route 1168 for 38 km to the village Mae Charim. Then continue on route 1243 until you see signs to go to the left for Mae Charim National Park (another 4 km).


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