Running our homestay during the Corona Crisis 2020

Sunrise over the mountains of Doi Phu Kha in Pua, North Thailand

Today 18 March 2020 you will be aware that the Corona crisis is going to effect us all, worldwide. We openend our homestay last year in December and for a new homestay we had a reasonable good December 2019 and January 2020. And a few bookings came in for February, March and April.  Being those months the hottest months and with a lot of air pollution we did not think we would have booking in those months. And we thought maybe even close 1 month and to go to the beach with clean air. But then the Corona crisis started outside China and all bookings were cancelled. And we did not care much as we were happy not to have potential health risks. Then the Corona crisis started to hit Thailand seriously and we decided to close our homestay for the next following months and we made the following statement :
"Statement at 16 March 2020 in regards to COV-19 : Until further notice our bungalow is closed until 30 May 2020. Let we all be responsible and minimise traveling & contact, to protect the all community. Thank you for your understanding. If the COV-19 situation in Thailand improves significantly before 30 May 2020 we will change closure dates."
Yes situations can change quick and at this moment it seems unlikely that we will open again soon after 30 May 2020. All together financially not too bad for us as we already calculated that we would have almost no customers during March, April, May anyway. But starting June & July we should have the raining season and everything should be beautiful green again. So lets hope for the best! Not only for our homestay but for the health & safety of everybody worldwide.

Remark : In case you have accommodation bookings anywhere else, most hotel bookings websites like Agoda, Booking and Airbnb are waiving cancelation fees.

Yes the Corona crisis will have a huge impact on the world economy, but the big boys did hoard enough money in the past years so do not worry about them. But the small companies or private business will be hurt very hard. So please support them once the Corona crisis is over. 


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