Train stations, next stations are near Kanchanaburi

Train station in Kanchanaburi, Thailand (1998)

All aboard! I love traveling by train, especially in Thailand where it is like traveling in time. Like you are in an open-air museum. Not only the trains itself but also the train stations. They look like they have not changed since they build the first railway lines in Thailand in 1889. All photos are probably from 1998 when I was traveling in Kanchanaburi and took the train from Kanchanaburi to the end station Nam Tok. This is the world famous death railway build during WorldWar 2 by POW and Asian labour under Japanese military supervision. Originally this railway did go all the way to Burma  (Myanmar). Photo above is probably in Kanchanaburi town. Photos under are probably along the railway from Kanchanaburi town to the end station Nam Tok. Last photo under is the tourist steam-train, probably at Kanchanaburi main station.

Train crossing the Bridge over the River Kwai, Thailand