Travel Tips : The Corona Crisis in Thailand update on 20 March 2020

Warning : I am writing this on 20 March 2020 and the graphic on the left is from 18 March 2020 and comes from the Department of Disease Control Thailand. This graphic is not meant as information about the corona virus. And I am not a medical specialist, so what I am going to write now is based on my own interpretation of the news and medical information that is currently available. For more information about the corona virus in Thailand you might also have a look at Wikipedia about the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in Thailand. Although the TAT still tries to sell the sunny beaches of Thailand they also have Thailand Tourisme Updates. For reality updates about traveling to/from Thailand you could have a look at Facebook from Richard Barrow in Thailand.

Still traveling to Thailand? 
Personally I think you are crazy to travel anywhere at this moment (and for the following months). For safety reasons for yourself and others it might be best to stay where you are.
  • All land borders (Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia) are closed, will close soon or it is de-facto impossible to cross the border (due to new regulations).
  • Although Thailand has theoretically not yet closed its borders it becomes virtual impossible to enter Thailand as non-Thai. And even for Thai it is becoming very difficult. 
  • In Bangkok and at least 3 provinces have cancelled all major events, nightlife, etc. 
Personally I do believe this Corona Crisis is a worldwide war on humans and should be treated like that. Personally for me that would mean closing all borders in & out, close nightlife, etc nationwide, limited all movement / traveling of people. 


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