Day 11 of Voluntary Self Isolation at StayHome

Living in Thailand
Riding my motorbike in the mountains of Nan province.

As there will not be any traveling in the next few months I will update you about living in Social Distance at StayHome during the Corona Crisis. I started this StayHome thread on 22 March 2020 but actually since 15 March 2020 we are in a kind of self chosen isolation, we only go to town for shopping. This is Day 11 at 1 April 2020. So we now have a US AQI of 173 (Unhealthy for sensitive people) with an pm2.5 of 98.3 µg/m3 (where above 25 is unhealthy). I did receive my air purifier, so at least in the house we can improve the air quality a little bit. But in the past days the air quality has gone from bad to totally shit! For postings about air quality in Thailand click AQI (Air Quality Index).

In the meanwhile the Self Isolation is not so Voluntary anymore. Air Asia did stop flying, so no more flights to/from Bangkok. Inter-provincial traveling is limited to essential-travel-only. All 3 main road to Nan province have road blocks to check people. Smaller roads are blocked. Border to Laos is closed. Many busses have canceled all routes. For some reason Nan province is still one of the few provinces in Thailand were there are no confirmed COV19 cases. Over all Thailand were yesterday 31 March 2020 : 1.651 confirmed cases and 10 people died. But there are 20.097 people under investigation (people who might have COV19 or have been in contact with COV19 cases). Some other provinces like Phuket are going in total lockdown, nobody in or out. All harbours closed, airport closed.

Yesterday we did take the car to ride thru Pua area and it is very quiet on the streets. Actually you see almost nobody. But it is also very hot with afternoon temperatures of 38℃ and the air is very bad. So that is also a reason why most people stay home. In Pua town most shops are still open but restaurants are closed or do only take-away. All coffee shops are closed.

We are lucky, we do not live hand-to-mouth, we have savings. No problem paying for food, drinks, telephone or internet. Normally we pay our telephone in a shop, but I do not like to go there (and it might be closed). So I searched and I can actually pay with via internet banking. And as we are boring at home I decided to connect to Netflix, what is luckily also easily paid via internet banking. For next month have to find out how to pay for our PAE electricity and 3BB internet via internet banking. So today we will be couch potatoes with in between a lunch & dinner.

In the meanwhile I am chatting with people here in Thailand and in my home country. Just to help people to have some kind of social contact. And to have social contact myself. In this way I did learn that I can order pizza here in Pua. Thanks Ross! 


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