My Mi Air Purifier 3H

Living in Thailand
Mi Air Purifier 3H
Due to the bad air quality I bought at Lazada a Mi Air Purifier 3H that is made by Xiaomi, a Chinese company. But as far as I understand this model is made in Thailand. Following is a kind a review that maybe help you if you are considering to buy an air purifier.

1. Why did I buy an air purifier and does it work?

Well the air quality in North Thailand has become extremely bad with high loads of pm2.5 in the air. And air purifiers claim to be able to clean that air. How? Basically it is just a big filter with a fan, that sucks the air thru the filter. In that way the air in the room is circulated thru the filter. And the filter claims to filter out the pm2.5 particulars in the air. There are also other air purifier systems but there is no evidence that they really work. So I did choose a simple filter system. Actually I did not really believe it would work. I had the idea that it would be just circulate the air nearby the machine and as the sensor that checks the air is in the machine it will always gets clean air. So after using it for 2 days inside our living room I did put the machine outside on the balcony. Yes a much higher pm2.5 reading. But would the reading go down in 30min, like as in the living room? No it keeps on being about the same reading. Within my logic this proofs for me that the air purifier is more or less working.

2. Why did I buy this brand name and model?

Well very simple, we are living in a remote village. No shops to buy the machine, so I did choose Lazada to order one. And at Lazada there are many Xiaomi air purifier models for sale. So I made my choice based on price, availability, delivering time and the type of filter used. The latter is said that this model comes with one of the best filers (HEPA class 13). But be aware this is a some what small model (about 50cm hight), other models are bigger with bigger filter. Be also aware that within Lazada there are at least 10 different models of Xiaomi air purifiers for sale. And with very different prices (even some same models). Be also aware that at a certain moment you will have to replace the filter. For Xiaomi there are filters for sale at Lazada, again different models in very different prices. With the air here in North Thailand this filter is said to be used for 3 months only. I paid 4.990 Thai baht incl. delivery.

About buying with Lazada : I did choose the buy an item that is "Fulfilled by Lazada". That means you have a kind of guaranty about the delivering time.

3. About the Mi Air Purifier 3H

The Mi Air Purifier 3H is delivered in 1 box, the machine itself is 52cm high and 24cm by 24cm. It comes with an electric cable, a filter inside and a manual. At the backside of the machine is a kind of latch that you can open, inside is the filter. At the front is a small display with an on/off switch. When you start the machine the display starts with showing the Service life of the filter in %. After that the display show information about the status of the environment.

The display shows :
  • pm2.5 per µg/m3
  • Temperature
  • Humidity %
  • Function
The machine has wifi so you can download an app to control the machine with your telephone. But you can also do this with the front display.

Functions are :
  • On/Off
  • Automatic
  • Manual (low, mid, high)
  • Sleep (ultra low)
  • App controle
At the backside is a small button to control the light of the display :
  • Full
  • Dim
  • Off

4. Conclusion

I have the machine now for 1 week and I am happy with it, although I did not realise that I bought a bit smaller model. The Mi Air Purifier Pro is 20 cm higher but at the time of buying twice the price. In day time the machine is in the living room and 1 hour before we go sleep I put it in the bedroom.

Update : I did test how easy or difficult it would be to replace the filter. The manual says "Open the latch en pull the cord on the filter". Well it is not that easy, it needs a bit pushing/pulling and trying. But once the first 5cm of movement is made it goes easy.


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