Train stations in Thailand, next station Hua Hin

Train Station in Thailand
Hua Hin Train Station in Hua Hin, Thailand (2007)

I love traveling by train, especially in Thailand where it is like traveling in time. It is like an open-air museum. Not only the trains itself but also the train stations. They look like they have not changed since they build the first railroad lines in Thailand in 1889. On my travel blog train station are a returning destination, if you click on the tag TRAIN STATIONS you will see all postings. And if you like train stations just like me then hurry up before modernisation will make this all history. And suddenly he realised that in 2007 I had been at Hua Hin train station but never made a posting about it. So here you go, Hua Hin train station! Photos made in 2007. Unfortunately not on my photos but at this train station is also a Royal Pavilion, as this train station was in the old days also used by the King of Thailand.

Train Station in Thailand
Hua Hin Train Station in Hua Hin, Thailand (2007)


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