Hot, hotter .... amazing hot!

Living in Thailand
Cold glasses in the freezer

Yes it it this hot at the moment in Nan province, North Thailand that we put our glasses in the freezer so our drinks will stay a little bit cooler. Hot? Last week with afternoon temperatures of 38℃ but this weekend with temperatures of 41℃. And at night it is not really cooling down, at 5:45am it was still 27℃. And most of the days there is no wind at all. That means our all house is hot, all the walls are warm, the water from the tap is warm, the bed is warm, balcony can be used as stone-grill.

While living here 20 years I have never seen it this hot and this long. Besides that it is hot it is also dry, very dry. It has not been raining much since begin December 2019! Yes this month we had a few summer storms with a bit of rain but that was just a drop in the famous hot plate.  So I thank Willis Carrier for the invention of the modern air-conditioning and spend half of the day + all night in our bedroom, what is the only room with air-conditioning. And drinking the double amount of water. So we (and all farmers here) are praying for rain and with that lower temperatures. Although following week the forecast is a bit lower temperatures of about 35℃ in the afternoon but the raining season is not forecasted soon, maybe begin June.


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