The Rice Field Project : 1 year after moving in our house

Building a house in Thailand
Drone shot of our house in Pua, North Thailand

The Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land, preparing it for building our house and finally building our house. This is an extra part as the all project is finished and we are living in our house already for 1 year, to read the other parts click The Rice Field Project. This is about problems and other things that occur in the first year in our new house. And one extra thing about living between rice fields. Living between farmers sounds great, but most farmers are also pyromaniacs. Everything that can burn, will burn. Already very bad air quality? Burn, baby burn! And Thai farmers are brainwashed into using chemicals. Now we are a little bit lucky because there is only 1 farmer nearby that likes to overkill with chemicals. Yes, the farmers are not crazy, they not eat that products themselves. But back to the construction of our house again.


There have been no major problems in the past year. No leaking water-pipes, no electric problems, nothing that stopped working. So that all is good, but there are some minor things I would do differently next time.


We bought most of our tiles from Dynasty and some tiles from Home Pro. And there is a real difference between them, both in price and in quality. The latter is actually no problem as long as the tiles are not clear like on the floor on our living-room or on the wall of our bathroom. Because with clear tiles you will see all not high quality things like that the tiles are not 100% flat or that the corners of the tiles are not 90°. So example at our bathroom wall we should have chosen tiles from Home Pro as it is not so much sqm. But in the living-room with many sqm. I would still stick to Dynasty but maybe another type of tiles.


We have most of the sanitaire from American Standard (toilet, sink, taps) but also 2 sinks + 2 taps from Verno. And again here is a significantly difference in price and quality. Yes Verno has some nice designs and they are not so expensive. But fact is that both our Verno taps are leaking a little very little bit. Not on the connections to the water-pipe but just the tap itself. You can see a slight water damage on the chrome of the taps. None of our 6 American Standard taps have that problem. So the Verno taps are probably soon replaced by American Standard taps.


Yes we had some cracks at the outside of walls, just on the surface. Not in the real wall. Some of this cracks has been fixed already, but some have come back. And will have to be fixed better. When touching the wall you can hear there are air-spaces in the wall.

And we had some cracks in the ceiling of the roof outside. Normally there is used a ceiling type with some holes, so air can go into the roof. Personally I think that those small holes will soon be closed by dirt and I think it looks ugly. So at our house the did not use them, but just the same gips-boards that are used inside the house. But one thing I never thought of is that from the outside there can be wind on this ceiling, strong wind. So where the gips-boards are connecting there are cracks on some places. They fixed this already once but they did come back. So what now?

Double walls

Our house has at some places a double wall, because I do not want to see the poles. This also keeps the house cooler. This keeping cooler works good as long as it is not too super hot. Currently in the month May with temperature of 38℃ to 40℃ it really does not help anymore. Unfortunately there is one wall in our bedroom that is not double and full in the sun. So here we will make something on the outside of the wall to block the sun.


The only thing that I think is really not done good is the painting. Yes good quality paint but the painting itself has been not be done good. Like in theory there should be first a primer and then 2 layers of paint ..... everywhere. Also in the all the corners. But the paint boy has been lazy and at many places did "forget" the corners. So in the corners is sometimes no primer or sometimes only 1 layer of paint. And you can see that now. And the steel fence has never been cleaned good before and in between painting. I can still see that now.

And the painting boys did also paint the floor more or less, so that was a lot of work to remove that. OK that was mostly done by staff of the construction company but it did damage some tiles of the stairs outside. I can still see that now.

LED Lights

All build-in lights in the ceiling have LED lights, great that saves electricity. But down-side of it is that this lights are very strong. Even the softest one's are giving too much light. So I disconnected 1 of 4 in the kitchen, 2 of the 4 in the dinning corner, 2 of the 4 in the entrance hall, 1 of 2 in the balcony. No problem, but if I would have known that they give so much light I would have used them more on the outside of the house. At the back we did not make lights at all because we thought that at the chosen location they would not give enough light for the garden anyway.

Wall plugs

All wall plugs (and switches) are from CHANG. Not the best quality but they work mostly good. Although of a little bit problem with some plugs are working too soft (socked will fall out) and others are too strong (difficult to get socked in). And something else but entirely my fault : I did not order a wall-plug on some places where actually should have been wall-plugs.


I am not sure if all sliding windows have the same problem or that only cheap sliding windows have the problem of being noisy and that the sliding mosquito screening leaves spaces for very small flies. So I regret that I did not install better or other type of windows. Especially in our bedroom. Like in our bathroom we have windows that are not sliding. They close much better, both the window itself as the mosquito screen.

Roof tiles

We had a small earth-quake and that messed up a bit with the roof tiles. The construction company fixed that problem. But still at some places it looks a bit weird. But a roof is difficult to check, so I will have to ask my friend with his drone to come and have a closer look at the roof tiles.

The Build-in Kitchen

First of all I was never happy with it, not the kind of quality that I thought I bought. And there have been some minor problems with it like doors not straight, silicone kit not done good. And the graniet counter is also not the kind of quality you would think to get for 20.000 THB (graniet only).


When building the house they have to dig a hole and later put the sand back. But with putting the sand back they have been very sloppy, so there were many air-spaces in the sand. I told them I did not like that, but no problem after the raining season they would come back to fill again. Yes they did but this of course continues for many raining seasons. So at a few places we still have small holes.

Also they promised to clean the garden and remove all the construction material. And they did, for about 90%. That remainder of 10% is now where there is no grass growing. So we still find pieces of roof tiles, pieces of cement, etc.


The construction company that did build our house has come to fix some small cracks, paint the fence better and to fix some roof tiles. So they are very well honouring the warranty. Mind you by Thai law you have 1 year warranty on the building like paint, windows, etc.. And 5 years warranty on the construction of the building.

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