Yes it is Pua again

Traveling in North Thailand
Route 101 in Pua town, North Thailand

Photo above is route 101 in Pua town and overlooking the mountains of Doi Phu Kha. As you see there is some road construction going on. It looks like they are going to make the road in town bigger (more lanes) as they did remove a part of the trees that were between the roads. Gone are the beautiful yellow flowers of the trees that were a signature of Pua town. The good thing is that with that trees probably also the hundreds of birds sleeping there are gone. The following photos are a bit more countryside of Pua. And sorry but again a sunrise balcony shot photo. For more about Pua have a look at Everything About Pua in North Thailand.

Traveling in North Thailand
Relaxing at a farmer sala between the rice fields of Pua, North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Small river after the rain in  Pua, North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Incoming rain over Ban Sakad near Pua, North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand
Sunset at 5:38am in Pua, North Thailand


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