The Corona Crisis in Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Sundowner in Pua, North Thailand
Writing 3 July 2020 it seems that at some places in the world the Corona Crisis calms down. And looking to the covid-19 numbers in Thailand it looks OK here. But it have been a few months of Staying Home and we had to close our homestay for a few months. We are just opening this month again. And as Nan province is for 95% Thai tourisme we do not really notice that there are no foreigner tourists. And well I did loose a few jobs abroad, and there ain't going to be jobs for me this year. So yes we are effected also and the Corona Crisis did change our life a bit. Like ordering food, we now have FoodMan in Pua and we order many time our lunch. Very easy. And because many people became unemployed in Bangkok, Phuket or wherever also many young people came back to their hometown. Also in Pua you see now more young people and some started a new business here, like the FoodMan. And a few nice new western style restaurants. So it is not all bad and I hope the new business will succeed. And now Thai people are not able to travel outside Thailand more people will be traveling in Thailand. So I have good hopes for the coming travel season in Nan province.

But what is the status now in Thailand? In short :
  • Inter-provincial traveling is possible again nation wide.
  • Inter-provincial busses, trains and some flight are running again.
  • Almost all National Parks are open again.
  • Almost all hotels are open again.
  • Almost all restaurants, pubs, entertainment, etc. are open again.
  • Even soapy massages & karaoke can open again.
  • Most land borders (to Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar) are still closed.
  • Thailand is still closed for tourists (airports & open land borders).
  • But Thai from abroad can return to Thailand.
  • And some foreigners are allowed to come to Thailand, like people with a work-permit or people married to a Thai.
  • The visa amnesty is still valid until 31 July 2020 and nobody knows what will happen after that date.
  • Most schools are open again.
So it looks like almost back to normal again. But it really is not like that, because :
  • Wear face masks when outside
  • Check-in/out with Thai Chana app at shops, restaurants, soapy massage, etc.
  • Body temperature check at shops, restaurants, karaoke, etc.
  • Going to a National Park? Then you will have to make a reservation first via QueE app.
  • Limited number of people at cinema, National Parks, restaurants, etc.
On a personal level .... I am living here on a Non-Immigrant "O" visa and my permission to stay and the visa itself ends somewhere in August. So for the moment no problem as there is the visa amnesty until 31 July. And in theory if the borders open again at 1 August I could make a border-run and get another 90 days to stay in Thailand. But ... even if the borders are open again can I enter Laos? And even if I can enter Laos, can I enter Thailand again? And even if I can enter Laos & Thailand will that be with or without 14 days quarantine?

Photo above was again shot from our balcony, overlooking the rice fields and the mountains of Doi Phu Kha.


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