Double falang pricing ?

Thailand has a bad reputation in regard as making special prices for foreigners / tourists. And as in the old days most foreigners / tourists were white people from Europe or USA this special pricing system is seen as charging white people more. It is called "double pricing", like at National Parks where Thai people pay 20 ฿ or 40 ฿ and foreigners / tourists have the privilege of paying 200 ฿ to 500 ฿. One price for Thai people, one price for foreigners / tourists. This practice is used in many tourist business in Thailand and as National Parks are from the government, it is the government that sets the benchmark that it is OK to bullshit about prices. When living here you will notice that it is not only done with entrance prices but also when you buy things in a shop where the prices are not fixed. So many foreigners living here will send their partner to a shop to buy something. Now I know the going price for most things so it does not happen many times to me but last week it was again a typically Amazing Thailand experience. A few years ago we bought a chromed laundry rack and we are happy with. No rusting, not disintegration by the sun. Having now our homestay we needed an extra laundry rack so we did go a local shop that makes chromed racks for cars and gardens. And we asked them how much making a rack would be? Now we bought the original one for about 1.500 - 2.000 ฿, but the new we want a bit higher and wider. So about 2.000 - 2.500 ฿ should be the price. Well no the owner looked at me & my wife and thought "Foreigner must be rich" and the price was be 4.500 ฿. We told him that we would think about it and did never come back. Later I was looking on Facebook Marketplace and saw a shop offering exactly the kind of laundry rack we want for 2.500 ฿! So I called, ordered it and it was delivered at our home 4 days later, mind you all the way from Phayao to Nan! Perfect! And that is how the small shops that bullshit customers go bankrupt.

Now is this double pricing special for foreigners? I not think so, the owner just looks to the customer and makes up a price, regardless if that is a Thai or foreigner. It is just the habit of trying to make extra money. And it seems that many Thai people think that is perfectly OK to do. 


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