Road Condition update : Route 1081, Route 1256, Route 1169 and route 101 in Nan province

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

22 August 2020 : Following is a update of the road conditioning of some route in Nan province, North Thailand. Be aware that in the past days it has been raining a lot in Nan province and at multiple places roads are flooded. But normally this does not stay like that very long. 

  • Route 1081 from Bo Klua to Pua is all fine, except that at 1 point there is a big landslide that did wash away half of the road. Here are 2 emergency bridges build and construction is going on.
  • Route 1256 from Pua to Bo Klua is all fine, most of the road surface is good with some parts damaged.
  • Route 101 from Nan town to Pua is all fine, except the 100m before and 100m after the bridge crossing the Nan River (12 km south of Tha Wang Pha) where driving or riding feels like a roller-coaster.
  • Route 1169 from Santisuk to Nan town is all fine


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