The new Air Asia schedule flying Bangkok to Nan town

Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand

Since the Corona Crisis domestic flights schedules have been changed nationwide in Thailand. Also the flights from Don Muang Airport to Nan Nakhon Airport (and visa-versa) by Air Asia. At 5 August 2020 I checked the flights for 18 August 2020. And even looking to other dates the new cheapest airfares are about 1.400 ฿ (no check-in luggage), while pre-corona and when Nok Air was still flying that was about 700 ฿. It looks like Air Asia is abusing their monopoly flying on Nan Nakhon Airport. And they used to fly 4 times a day and now are only flying 3 times a day. And it also looks like they do not fly on some Sundays.

The new flight schedule Don Muang Airport (DMK) to Nan Nakhon Airport (NNT) :
  • First flight departure 9:00 and arrival 10:20
  • Second flight departure 12:50 and arrival 13:50
  • Last flight departure 14:00 and arrival 15:10
The new flight schedule Nakhon Nakhon Airport (NNT) to Don Muang Airport (DMK) :
  • First flight departure 10:50 and arrival 12:00
  • Second flight departure 14:20 and arrival 15:30
  • Last flight departure 15:40 and arrival 17:00


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