Fruit or vegetable?

Traveling in Thailand

Photo above is .... yes what is it actually? Fruit or vegetable? My wife eats them when they are very young and green. They taste very sour. But this one was saved from consumption and turned yellow and overnight it did burst open and showed it red seeds inside. They grow as an ivy, in our case in a tree. I think it looks beautiful. Do you want to know more about food in Thailand, then click on the the label Food. When writing postings for this travel blog I use labels, like this post has as label Blogger because it is about the labels I use in this travel blog. And this post also has the label Food because it also is about food that your can eat. These labels make it easy for you to search for things like all postings about Bangkok or about Chiang Mai. Or about special Travel-Tips. Maybe you want to know anything about Nan province in North Thailand? Enjoy searching in old postings with hidden information about traveling in Thailand.


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