What did I eat today? Phad Krapow Mu

Although I have already a serie about Thai Food in general and although Thai food is Typically Thai I hereby introduce a new serie What Did I eat today? Because many people ask me what I am eating after living in Thailand for more as 15 years. Well first of all I still not eat and never will eat spicy food. My taste buds are just not made for it. And I want my food to be dead but not too long dead. So that all limits my Thai food. For breakfast I most times still eat western style, musli with yoghurt or bread. But for lunch or dinner I eat almost always Thai food. So this is going to be a serie about what Thai food I eat and you can see all posting by clicking on the label What Did I Eat Today. I hope you like it.

So what did I eat? 

Yesterday I did eat home made Phad Krapow Mu sai Khai Dao, stir-fried holy basil with minced pork served with a fried egg and rice. The main ingredients are of course holy basil, pork, garlic en a bit of chili. I prefer it mixed with asparagus beans, but that was not available yesterday. Phad Krapow can be served with pork or minced pork. Or with chicken or even seafood. I sometimes make a fusion version and instead of rice I use spaghetti. Phad Krapow is a typically 1 dish food served in restaurants for lunch or dinner and it is one of my favourite Thai food dishes.

Costs : depending on the size & quality and place where you eat it between 30 ฿ and 80 ฿.


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