Rambong party in the village

Traveling in Thailand

Yesterday, 31 October 2020, was Loy Kratong Festival and because of that there were many rambong parties (mostly at temples). So we went to the village where we did live for almost 2 years and are still always invited to any kind of party. In front of the village temple, right along the Nan River, is a permanent stage with big speakers, loud music, a DJ and about 12 sexy rambong dancing girls. In front of the stage, you can buy tickets so you can dance with your private dancer. You would think that it were only men doing that but have a look, the most are actually women! And the rest of the village is watching, drinking and striking firework. It promised to be a nice evening but unfortunately, the party was stopped early by rain. So we went home and enjoyed the firework & music at the Wat Phuket from our balcony. Although our dog has different feelings about firework, so she sits inside in the kitchen with windows & doors closed. 

Traveling in Thailand
Rambong & Loy Kratong 2020 in Nan, North Thailand

Traveling in Thailand
Rambong & Loy Kratong 2020 in Nan, North Thailand


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