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In October 2014 I bought a Shark SpeedR Carbon and it served me well in the years, so when it was time to be replaced I wanted to buy just the same helmet again. But the SpeedR model is discontinued by Shark (although you still see them for sale). So I looked at other helmets from Shark and that are for sale in Thailand. And I found the Shark Spartan Carbon. Buying a good helmet in Nan province is impossible so I contacted Shark Thailand and they came up with 2 dealers in Chiang Mai : Chang Moto and Helmet2Home. So I contacted both of them to ask if they had the helmet in stock in size M and L. Both said yes. But knowing TIT I had my doubts already.

Riding into Chiang Mai I went straight to Chang Moto, I like this shop and bought here before Rivit gloves. Unfortunately they did not had the helmet I wanted in stock. So I did ride to Helmet2Home. I had been recommended this shop by other people, but on the outside it looks like a shop selling cheap shit helmets. But they have a huge selection of helmets, boots, gloves, ect. And they are an official Shark reseller. They did only have the L and XL size in stock, so I tried the L. And I was surprised that it did fit 
very tight, as I thought my old helmet is actually size M.

When I did walk out of the shop with my new helmet Chang Moto did send me a message that they just received their new stock of Shark helmets.

My first helmet was a Bell I bought in 2011, followed by a LS2 in 2014. And end 2014 I bought by Shark SpeedR. So this is my 4th helmet since 2011. For more about my riding gear have a look at My Riding Gear.

About Helmet2Home

Nice shop, although you might have to check if things you buy there are not on stock already for years. Staff is friendly and they really have a huge selection of helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, etc. And they have it all in stock. Price-wise they are also good as they did give a promotion price.

About the helmet 

Shark helmets is actually a France brand name, but the helmets are made in Thailand. The Spartan model has 1 shell size for S and M. And one shell size for L and XL. So buying a L means you have the bigger shell size, what means it is a bit more weight. But for a helmet with internal sun-visor the helmet is still not a heavy weight. 

The helmet comes with a label attached to it with a card that has the serial number on it. This same serial number can be found inside the helmet and on the box of the helmet. On the box you can also see the production date of the helmet. The helmet comes with a helmet-cover and pin-lock anti-fog screen. 

For the France market the helmet comes with reflecting stickers that by law in France you have to put on your helmet. I like safety so I did put the reflecting stickers on my new helmet. Officially the helmet costs in Thailand 13.800 baht, what I think is roughly the same official price as in Europe (but in Europe there is more tax on it).

The carbon part is only the outer-shell, a full carbon helmet would be more expensive.

First impressions :

  • Light weight, although about 100gr more as my SpeedR (but that was size M)
  • Internal sun-visor
  • Open/close of sun-visor with sliding-switch in the middle of the helmet.
  • Helmets fits good
  • Good air flow inside
  • Visor closes very good
  • But at speed above 80km/h and with closed visor a weird buzz comes in. I feels/sounds like wind is coming in but not out.
  • No weird tune when riding with open visor (my SpeedR had that).
  • Removing the visor is a bit less easy as on my SpeedR
  • Removing & installing of the inner-lining is a bit less easy as with my SpeedR


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