Winter in Pua

Living in Thailand

Writing December 2020. It is winter in Thailand and yes people not living in Thailand start laughing now. But seriously it is winter time in Thailand, especially in North Thailand. Well winter .... better call it the cool season. But in North Thailand with many high mountains it can become chilly in the evening and early mornings. Temperatures are at coldest at about 6:00am with between 12.3℃ and 13.5℃. And the maximum is in the afternoon with about 28℃. And higher in the mountains, where are many small villages, temperatures will be about 5℃ lower. That shows a big temperature difference in a day and a big temperature difference with normal temperatures between 22℃ and 38℃. Also think about the fact that most people (us included) do not have heating at home. Besides that most people do not have good warm cloths or blankets. So yes I sleep with a T-shirt and under a good warm blanket. And of course no more air-conditioning. And in the early morning, we wake-up at about 5:30am, I am wearing a warm pullover. And drink a nice hot choco! And in this time of the year I am very happy with the good hot-water system that I had installed in our house, so we can still have a nice hot shower. 

Winter time also means about a half hour later sunrise and about a half hour earlier sunset. And it means the sun starts to go down earlier so in the late afternoon there are beautiful long shadows, like I am used to from Europe. And in the mountains you can see the leaves falling from the trees, what gives me a feeling of autumn in Europe.

Winter time is also the super high-season for tourism in all North Thailand. People from all other parts of Thailand come to North Thailand to experience & enjoy the cool weather and especially the fog in the early mornings. And Nan province is at the moment one of the most popular destinations in North Thailand, at long weekends all hotels are full in Nan province. Like this weekend you can be happy if you can still find a tent to sleep. Following are some photos to capture the cool season in our village in Pua, North Thailand.

Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

Living in Thailand

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