About Ban San Charoen in Nan province

Ban San Charoen is a Yao (Mien) mountain village in a valley between the mountains on the border of Phayao and Nan province. In the old days this area was (in)famous for the poppy-field plantations for the production of opium. To support the village people in a sustainable existence there is a Royal Project to promote farming coffee plantations instead of poppy fields. And that did work well as there are now many coffee plantations, some you can even visit and stay in a homestay high in the mountains. A great way of experiencing authentic local life of the mountain people nowadays. Yes of course there are cars and they have electricity, but the older people are still daily wearing their traditional cloths that they make themselves. For more information about Nan province have a look at Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Traveling in North Thailand

How to get to Ban San Charoen?

There is no public transport going to Ban San Charoen. By private car or motorbike just follow route 101 in direction of Tha Wang Pha and then route 1148 in direction of Chiang Rai.  After about 20 km there are signs to the left for Ban San Charoen. Be aware that the road becomes very narrow and at some places very steep.

What to do in Ban San Charoen?

Besides visiting the village and coffee plantations there is not much else to do in Ban San Charoen.

Food & Drink in Ban San Charoen

In Ban San Charoen are only a few local shops and of course 2 or 3 coffee shops. There are no real restaurants.

Accommodation in Ban San Charoen

There are no real hotels or guesthouses in Ban San Charoen, only 2 very basic homestay places.

Where to go next?

As you were on route 1148 the next destination could be Phu Lankha, Phayao or Chiang Rai. Going back to Nan province the next destination could be Pua.

Map of Ban San Charoen

Route to Ban San Charoen

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