About Food & Beverages in Nan town

If you are looking for restaurants, coffee shops or pubs like in Bangkok or Chiang Mai then you are at the wrong place in Nan town. Most places are serving local Northern style food or Thai style food, with a few restaurants serving food from the North-East (Isan) or South-Thailand. And in western style food the choice is very limited. But luckily times are changing and there are starting to come more restaurants, pubs and coffee shops. As Nan province is not (yet) a tourist destination for foreigners you might experience that staff at restaurants, pubs and coffee shops are not or limited able to speak English. 


Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand
U Dee Kin Dee Restaurant (left) and Hot Bread (right)


As with all things in Nan town also restaurants, pubs and coffee shops are a bit spread over Nan town. But there are a few areas that are recommended as local Thai style areas to have a look for dinner :
  • Night Market / Noodle Street (Phakong road) 
  • Riverside Boulevard (east-side along the Nan River, directly north of the main bridge ).
Most restaurants are cheap in the price range of a simple Thai food for 50 - 80 Thai baht per person exclusive drinks of course. Some restaurants that serve western food might be a bit less cheap. And a good beefsteak is about the same price as in a good restaurant in Bangkok. For restaurants in other places in Nan province click on their name below here.

Restaurants in Nan town

  1. Aroi Home Made Food
  2. A Little Pot
  3. Ban J Vegetarian Restaurant
  4. Baan Bum Bar & Bistro 
  5. Baan Na Kang Tong Restaurant (second bypass) 
  6. Cafe The Signature NaN
  7. Crossroads Nan Restaurant (with the best Western food) 📌👍
  8. Gin Restaurant (with the best steaks in town) 📌👍
  9. Hot Bread Nan (best western breakfast in town) 📌👍
  10. HOLM Restaurant & Cafe 📌
  11. Huan Chao Nang Restaurant  (along the Nan River) 📌👍
  12. Khao Tha Restaurant (along the Nan river) 📌
  13. Khao Soi Ton Nam Noodle Restaurant 📌
  14. Krua Menu Pla Restaurant
  15. Lemongrass Restaurant (at Nan Seasons Boutique Resort) 📌👍
  16. Nasen Kitchen Cafe
  17. Nan Vintage Restaurant (bypass road) 📌
  18. Nan Steak House 📌
  19. Nan Tawan Farm  (about 6 km out of town) 📌
  20. Nan Winery Balcony 
  21. Nom Nan Cafe & Bistro 📌
  22. Nai Suan Kwan Restaurant (5 km north of Nan town) 📌
  23. OvO Salad (website OvoSalad)
  24. Poom 3 Restaurant (best Massaman curry in town) 📌
  25. Phukha Cafe 📌👍
  26. Sanian Restaurant 📌
  27. Secret Yard
  28. Suriya Garden Restaurant 📌
  29. The Steak Factory 📌
  30. The Balcony (5 km out of town)
  31. U dee Kin dee Restaurant & Coffee Shop (near Morning Market) 📌
  32. U & Steak @Nan
  33. Voila Nirvanan Restaurant (best Western food in town) 📌👍

     Coffee Shops & Bakeries in Nan town

    Actually there must be at least twice as much as I list here, but I am rather motorbike riding.
    1. Ai Maun Home
    2. Ban Hom Kafae 📌
    3. Baan Na Kang Tong Cafe (second bypass)
    4. Beleza Cafe 
    5. Cafe Sod Gong Dee (along the Nan River) 📌
    6. Cafe The Signature NaN 📌
    7. Erabica Coffee (near the Red School) 📌👍
    8. Hug Nan Baked Cafe 📌
    9. Huan Hung Tor Cafe 📌👍
    10. In Nan Cafe 📌
    11. Ma Ruay Cafe
    12. Me & Mum Cafe
    13. More May Coffee & Restaurant
    14. Mix Academic Cafe  📌👍
    15. Nor Nan Cafe (coffee roaster)
    16. See House
    17. Swensens Kad Nan

      Nightlife in Nan town

      First of all nightlife in Nan town is not like Bangkok or Chiang Mai and all is in Thai style. Most Thai pubs serve Thai food all evening and most times there is live music. The latter sometimes so loud you can not talk to each other anymore. And nightlife is a bit spread over Nan town. Although you could locate a few area's. Also be aware that smaller places like this come & go, what was there last years does not have to be there now anymore. They could have moved or closed.
      • Northern side of town, along route 101 between the road to the air-port and the bypass. Here are a few pubs / restaurants and some lowkey Thai karaoke bars.
      • Next to Fire Station Brigade, there is a new street where slowly new nightlife entertainment is developing with X2 Nigh Club and We Loft Bar & Bistro.
      • And all over town are some pubs & restaurants
      1. Fashion 1990's Bar
      2. OneOne90's Nan (could be that Fashion 1990's Bar did move and changed name a bit)
      3. Huan Phu Kha Pub & Restaurant
      4. Mittbun Ung Cafe
      5. Pump Cafe Station  📌👍
      6. Relax @Nan Pub 📌
      7. Tan Narak Pub
      8. We'Loft Bar & Bistro 📌👍 
      9. X2 Night Club (formerly called Channel X Night Club)

      Other places for Food & Beverages in Nan town

      1. Night Market / Noodle Street with many street food-stalls for Dinner 👍 
      2. Weekend Market / WalkingStreet with take-away food for Dinner 👍 
      3. Food Court at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner
      4. Riverside Boulevard with a few local Thai restaurants for dinner 👍 
      5. MK Suki at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner
      6. KFC at BigC and Tesco-Lotus  for Lunch & early Dinner
      7. Pizza Company at BigC and Tesco-Lotus for Lunch & early Dinner

      Restaurants & Pubs in Nan province, North Thailand
      We Loft Pub & Restaurant (left) and Lemongrass Restaurant (right)

      Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.