About Pha Klang in Nan province

Pha Klang is forced resettlement village near Pua town and in Pua district. Hmong, Tai Lue and Lua hill-tribes from the mountains of Doi Phu Kha were forced to move to a totally new village.


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How to get to Pha Klang?

Going to Pha Klang you first have to go to Pua.
  • By public transport take the bus to Pua and then a Songtheauw to Pha Klang.
  • By private car or motorbike take route 101 to Pua and then route 1081 in direction of Sila Phet but after 5 km already take a right to Pha Klang. Then drive another few km to arrive in Pha Klang.
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What to do in Pha Klang?

Once a year there is a huge Hmong New Year festival and in the village are many silver shops & factories.

Food & Beverages in Pha Klang

As Pha Klang is not a tourist destination there only are a few local restaurants.

Accommodation in Pha Klang

As Pha Klang is not a tourist destination there is no accommodation.

    Where to go next?

    Basically tourists do not stay in Pha Klang, but you could drive a short-cut route to Sila Phet or to Tha Wang Pha. Otherwise you drive back to Pua.

    Route to Pha Klang

    Traveling in Thailand

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