Destination Travel Guide Loei, North-East Thailand

Welcome to Loei province in North-East Thailand, one of the Thailands most remote provinces.

Loei is the name of not only a small provincial town but also the name of one of the most off the beaten track province of Thailand with mountains and National Parks bordering Laos. Loei town is about 539 km from Bangkok or a bit more as 1 hour flying from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. Loei town is a small modern town with a few restaurants and hotels, not really a destination for a holiday but a great base to stay while exploring the mountains of Loei province. My favourite thing to do in Loei town is in the late afternoon to go to the park and enjoy the sunset, walk along the food market and look people in the park.

Sunset over the park lake in Loei town, North-East Thailand

One of the main destinations in Loei province is Chiang Khan, a small place right along the mighty Mekong River with Laos on the other side. At Chiang Khan is a Walking Street market in the evening and you can make a sunset cruise over the Mekong River. The riverside street is mostly still lined with old wooden houses, although tourism is starting to take its toll and there are now also many hotels, guesthouses and restaurant. Another destination in Loei province is Phu Ruea, a village near a big mountain what is a tourist attraction to visit in the cool season. Nearby are many waterfalls and flower plantations. And last but not least of course the small village Dan Sai, famous for its yearly Phi Tha Kon Festival (Ghost Festival). Dan Sai is located in a small valley and home to 2 remarkable temples.

The highlights of Loei

The hightlights of Loei are the mountains, rivers and waterfalls in the mountains and National Parks, and of course the picturesque Chiang Khan along the mighty Mekong River.

Popular destinations in Loei

The capital town Loei is not really a tourist destination in Loei province, rather the mountains upcountry. Or along the Mekong River.

What to do in Loei?

In Loei town is not much more to do as staying overnight and enjoy the limited nightlife. In the afternoon you could make a walk along the park in town and enjoy a nice sunset over town. But Loei province is home to mountains, rivers, waterfalls and National Parks.
  • Visit Phue Ruea
  • Shopping Walking Street in Chiang Khan
  • Make a sunrise cruise on the Mekong River at Chiang Khan
  • See sunrise from Phu Tok (wake up 5:00am)
  • Climb Phu Kradung
  • Go hiking at Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary
  • For more tourist attractions see Tourist Attractions in Loei
  • Have a look at Traveling 2 Loei in North-East Thailand

When to go to Loei?

Of course you can travel to Loei the all year around, the weather is as hot as everywhere in Thailand during the hot season of April and May. Then the monsoon season begins that lasts until end October with chance of heavy rains and some local flooding. From November to March the cool season hits the North-East of Thailand. And Loei province with some high mountains is famous for being cold for Thai standards. 

Where to sleep in Loei?

Within Loei province the 3 most visited places are Loei town, Chiang Khan, Phu Ruea and Dan Sai. In Loei town I like to stay at Loei Palace Hotel for a bit more comfort and a good breakfast buffet, but if you just need a place to lay your head I would recommend to go to King Hotel. In Chiang Khan my favourite place is Souk Samboon Guesthouse (the new rooms). And in Dan Sai my favourite place is Mountain View Resort or Loei Pan Mile Resort. For hotels in Loei province have a look at :

Where to eat & drink in Loei?

In Loei town, along the so called lake in town are a few Thai restaurants as wel as near the round-about. For western food you could go to The Saloon Bar & Restaurant. Have a look at all places I did eat at Restaurants in Loei town. When I Chiang Khan I would recommend to go to a restaurant right along the Mekong River.

Sunset over the Mekong River at Chiang Khan in North-East Thailand

How to get there & around?

  • ✈️ Loei has an airport (LOE) and is daily served with flights from Don Muang Airport Bangkok (DMK) by Air Asia and Nok Air and is located 5 km south of town.
  • 🚌 Loei can be reached from any major city in Thailand. Bus station is at the south end of town.
  • 🚘 🛵 All major highways to Loei are in good quality and safe to drive or ride.
  • 🚞 Loei has no train station, nearest is in Phitsanulok or Udon Thani.

Where to go next from Loei?

  • Nong Khai is 180 km north-east of Loei and is the border town to Laos along the Mekong River. Taking the long way to Nong Khai along the Mekong River would take about 233km but is worth the long detour. Especially for motorbike riding.
  • Petchabun is 200 - 220 km south-west of Loei, depending on what route you take. Both routes are nice routes along mountains, National Parks and waterfalls.
  • Nan is about 368 km along the Thai-Lao border, a stunning route passing mountains, old temples and waterfalls but a slow route due to all the small roads. The other route 430km but goes faster. 
  • Khon Kaen is about 206 km south-east of Loei and is partly a boring ride over route 12 but you could take a detour via the Erawan Caves and Ubolratana Lake.
  • Udon Thani is about 150 km east of Loei.

Location of Loei province

Location of Loei town

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.

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