Destination Travel Guide Phrae, North Thailand

Welcome to Phrae in North Thailand, famous for its colonial history of the teak trade.

Phrae is a small city in between the western & eastern side of North Thailand, in the valley of the Yom River and surrounded by mountains. By car or motorbike Phrae about 555 km north of Bangkok or a bit less as 1 hour flying from Don Muang Airport in Bangkok. Phrae is the capital city of Phrae province and is an older town dating back to pre-Lanna Kingdom with a recent history as center of the logging industry in North Thailand. It is a place less visited by tourists and because of that a lovely place to experience the authentic northern way of life.

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Wat Chom Sawan in Phrae, North Thailand

The Highlights of Phrae

The highlight of Phrae is Phrae town with its colonial style teak wooden houses, small streets and markets. Upcountry in Phrae province you will find National Parks like Mae Yom and Wiang Kosai with rivers, waterfalls and caves like the Pha Nang Khoi Cave.

What to do in Phrae?

When walking thru Phrae you will see the old history of Phrae in harmony with the modern Phrae, you will see beautiful old wooden houses from the time of colonial logging industry, you will see centuries old temples and a lively night market. So make a walking or bicycling tour and visit the
Khum Chao Luang Museum, the Siri Thai Museum, Wongburi House, the wooden Wat Chom Sawan,  the ruins of Wat Luang and the Wat Phong Sunan.

Just outside Phrae you could visit the Phae Mueang Phi Park, a geological sculpted landscape. Or visit the village Thung Hong where the famous Seua Mah Hom (Blue coloured Indigo shirts) are still made by hand. Along the highway (route 101) are famous markets selling anything made of teak wood. And other shops are selling all kind of knives. For more information about Phrae have a look at my travel blog postings about Phrae province.

When to go to Phrae?

Of course you can travel to Phrae the all year around, the weather is as hot as everywhere in Thailand during the hot season of April and May. Then the monsoon season begins that lasts until end October with chance of heavy rains and some local flooding. From November to March the cool season hits the North of Thailand and temperatures in Phrae province may go down to about 10℃ during night time (December-February). 

Where to sleep in Phrae?

In Phrae town the Huern Na Na Boutique Hotel is the best hotel in town but there is a good selection of small hotels and guesthouses in Phrae town and some resorts in the mountains area's of Phrae province. Have a look at all hotels I stayed at Accommodation in Phrae.

TIP Check available accommodation at BOOKING or AGODA

Where to eat & drink in Phrae?

In Phrae town are many small restaurants, a bit spread all over town. And of course along the Yom River behind Phrae town. Have a look at all restaurants I did visit at Places to eat in Phrae.

National Museum in Phrae, North Thailand

How to get there & around in Phrae?

  • By Air : Phrae has an airport (PRH) and can be reached from Bangkok Don Muang Airport (DMK) and is served by Air Asia and Nok Air. The airport is located at the center west side of town.
  • By Train : About 15 km south of Phrae is Den Chai train station for trains to / from Bangkok or Chiang Mai.
  • By Car or Motorbike : Phrae can be reached from all major cities in Thailand. Phrae is located at the beginning of the mountains of North Thailand, all major highways are divided highways and in good quality to drive or ride.
  • By Bus : Phrae can be reached from any major city in Thailand.

Where to go next from Phrae?

  • Chiang Rai is about 239 km north-west from Phrae and is considered the gate-way to Myanmar and Laos. Coming from Phrae you will be passing the famous White Temple of Chiang Rai.
  • Phayao about 150 km north-west of Phrae town and located along the beautiful Kwan Phayao lake. A great place to stay overnight and from there to continue to Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. A great route for riding motorbike or scooter.
  • Nan is about 120 km north of Phrae and an truly off the beaten path province where slow life still goes on in the mountains and small villages. A great route for motorbike riding.
  • Chiang Mai is about 200 km west of Phrae and is called the rose of the north. 
  • Lampang is about 100 km west of Phrae and is famous for its old wooden Thai houses and beautiful Lanna style temples. Via route 1023 and route 11 this a is stunning motorbike trip.

Location of Phrae province

Location of Phrae town

Disclaimer : All information is created in good faith and is an expression of fair comment.

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