Water, you take it for granted

Drinking water in Thailand
Drinking water in Thailand
A wise man once said "There always look better as here. But once you are there you simply have obtained a new "here". When living in that tiny country in Holland, "there" did look much better as "here". Now living "there" for almost 10 years, it indeed became my new "here". Life at my new here is actually not so much different as life at my old here. Although there are small but significant differences.

One of the small daily differences is water. I come from a country where we find it normal that we have plenty of good quality water. So we find it normal that we wash our car with drinking water and use to water our garden. Now I think it is actually very stupid to do so. We take a lot of effort to clean the water and then just wash the car with it? Worse in some parts we use water from deep water-wells. Water that took hundreds of years to become so clean and natural. A total waste of natural resources!

Here on the other hand, in the rainy season there is too much water but after that at many places there is not much water left. Both situations are probably because of bad infrastructure. And even if there is water, not everybody is provided with it and for sure it is not drinking water. Most houses outside a city do not have public water connection. And even if you have public water connection it is not save to drink it. And worse there will be times that you do not have enough water. If you want to be prepared for that you need to have a water-tank and because of that a water-pump.

And if you do not have a public water connection then you need to have a private water-well, and a pump to get it in your house. And a water-tank in case there is no electric to make your pump working. And of course you need a filtering system to make the water clean. Is water really so cheap?

And when both above options fail then there is always the option of collecting rain-water in big water-jars. Although one could wonder how clean rain-water is.

Drinking water? Well of course there are plenty of people who drink the public, rain or well water. Personally I would only do that if it is adequate filtered. But in 98% it is not of course. So one of those many small differences is that we buy bottles of drinking water to stock in the fridge. And that we re-fill big water bottles of 5 liter with filtered water from a filtered-water-vending machine, to be used for cooking. One of those small daily things that makes me remember life is different here.

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