Sunflowers in Saraburi

Sunflowers in Saraburi, Thailand
Sunflowers in Saraburi, Thailand

Reposting from 2015. Thai do love flowers and they love traveling with friends. So what is better as going with a group to the Thai-famous sunflower-fields around Saraburi (and Lopburi)? Last year around December we went to the area of Muak Lek in Saraburi province. This area is about 50 km after Saraburi city and reached from Route 2 (Mittraphap road), just follow the sign for the sunflowers.

Just driving along the main-road from the high-way you will pass many sunflower fields, where Thai will make photo's of the sunflowers and of themselves of course. There are some shops that sell sunflower product like seeds. and of course there are a kind of small podiums from where you can overlook the sunflower-fields and make photos. Of course there is more as only sunflowers, Muak Lek is also Thai-famous for its "Seven little sisters Waterfall" (Namtok Chet Saonoi) which are actually seven big & smaller rapids. It is along the same road as the sunflower-fields but about 9 km further. It is a great place to sit along the water, have something to eat & drink and Thai will go swimming with all their cloths on. In the weekend it is a bit busy with people from Bangkok, like when we were there once when there were 3 buses from an Bangkok University.

One of the rapids of Muak Lek
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