Off the beaten track, just follow your nose

At almost the end of 2010 it should be a moment to look back and think about what the last year has brought to me and the rest of the world. Well as many people are already doing that I will skip that. After more as 10 years living in Thailand and traveling in South East Asia I still love this part of the world and I still love traveling. Traveling has changed in the past years because of how easy we can get all kind of information via Internet. So I am reading a few web-blogs and other web-sites of travellers.

And what still surprises me the most that people want to know "How much does the taxi costs from the airport to my hotel?" and "Who want to meet with me in December?". Or "What is the best hotel?" and "Is it safe to go there?". But also "Where to leave my luggage?", "Do they have pizza?" and "Do I need a visa?". Did you really travel so much km's to another culture to eat what you can eat at home, meet people from your home country and watch TV from you home country?

First of all some of the answers are easy to find on Internet .... if you would take the time to search a little bit. But most of all I think "Is traveling in the unknown not just the reason for traveling?". Would knowing everything not spoil everything? The first time I was in Thailand in 1985 I did not even know what kind of money was used here. OK that was stupid. But so what? I am still alive & kicking.

And many people ask questions about safety and health. OK it might be sensible to know a bit about that. But I always must think of my grand-father who did work for Shell (begin 1900) in search of new oil-fields in Indonesia. They traveled in the jungle without really knowing where they were going and what they would find. And in those days there really were wild tigers and elephants. There was real danger. OK some of them did not return of some journey's.

And although most travellers are very careful, there are also people who do travel to countries in war (while they are not soldiers) or climb a mountain (while they never climbed before) and then when they are in problems they cry out for help. And then other people have to risk their life to help them. Well not me.

Happy traveling, be safe but also just follow your nose. Be a Free Individual Traveler and find your own path and destination.

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

The journey of Traveling 2 Thailand did begin with One Night in Bangkok in 1985 and since 2009 it became a personal non-commercial travel blog as inspiration for traveling & motorbike riding in Thailand. Made just for the sheer love of traveling and sharing experience about traveling in South-East Asia. To travel beyond the beaten track & highlights. Enjoy!