Dentists and Hospitals in Khon Kaen

As living just about 2 months in Khon Kaen now we are new comers of the city. So all kind of things you need and took for granted at the place you lived before can become an adventure at your new home.

As so when 2 days ago I did feel a severe pain in one of my teeth. So the in the evening I did a search on internet about dentists clinics in Khon Kaen and the next morning at 9 o'clock I was in my car to the dentist. Well not so easy as I thought .....

First clinic of choice ..... dentist will come at 11 o'clock. Second clinic ..... dentists does not speak English.  Third clinic ..... sorry dentists will come afternoon .... same at the next 2 clinics. Why do they open their clinic at all? OK then for the so famous "Ram Hospital" .... sorry dentist busy can make appointment for tomorrow. OK then the famous "Dental clinic behind the Srinakarin Hospital". Well it is actually on the same compound but one of the buildings behind the main building. It is busy and I have to register first. I have #85 and #73 is on the Que board. So I wait but after more as 10min nothing has happened so I leave the building.

Now after more as 1 hour searching for a dentist that is really working I am getting a bit pissed off. I call my wife to do another search on internet and she comes up with a dentist along Mittraphap road, just before Thanon Ban Kok. And yes the dentist is at work and yes he speaks English. WOW!

And after just a 5 or 10min wait I am in the chair that I dislike so much, but not today. Lucky for me it was just a broken filling and after 30min I am out and done. Costs 1500 Thai baht for a beautiful good fitting composite filling. I am a happy man again!

That's all folks? No ......

The next day my wife wakes up with pain under her eye which looks like an sinus-infection. So we have to see a ENT doctor. First choice was again "Ram Hospital" ..... ENT doctor comes in afternoon at 5 o'clock. Then "Khon Kaen Hospital" where my wife was so un-polite spoken to by phone that she did not even want to go there anymore. So we looked in the list from Bupa Health Insurance for other options and did see "Rajchapruek Hospital" along Mittraphap road just after "Ram Hospital". And yes there was an ENT doctor working all day.

Well the hospital looks a bit old and it was a bit busy but it all went quit efficient and within 30min we did see a friendly female ENT doctor who did speak good English. There was even an Xray made to confirm the diagnose and we left with a bag of all kind of pills ... yes of course also anti-biotic but in this case I think indeed the right choice. And that all for 1518 Thai baht. Medicines a bit expensive but doctor consult and Xray very cheap. For out-patient service I would go here again, for in-patient service I am not sure.

Update about Khon Kaen RAM Hospital
Although I was not impressed with their service originally I needed a small operation last week and went back there to find actually good & up-to-date service. I was in hospital for 2 days and all service and medical treatment was good, although not up to the international standard of Bangkok Hospital. And yes it was not cheap (for Thai standards) but they had direct communication with my health-care-insurance so no problem at all.

Dentist     : Song Khun Mor Dental Clinic (private)
Location  : Mittraphap road (at the intersection of Thanon Ban Kok)
Tel           : 043-270-580
Open        : Monday - Friday from 9:00 to 20:00 and Saturday - Sunday from 9:00 - 18:00

Hospital   : Rajchapruek Hospital (private)
Location  : 150/18 Mittraphap road (opp. Central Plaza)
Tel           : 043-333-555

Hospital   : Khon Kaen RAM Hospital (private)
Location  : Chi Chan road (Opposite of Central Plaza)
Open       : 24h/day but not doctors are not always present

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