About Suvarnabhumi domestic airport in Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi domestic airport in Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi domestic airport in Bangkok
I had to take a domestic flight from Survarnabhumi airport and I was a bit disappointed and wondering how this airport gets his so good rating. It started after checking-in that you will have to go thru security check that is a bit weird located just before the elevator & escalator going down to the domestic level. So after a bit crowded security check everybody has to go down to domestic level. Again a small shopping area, but as we were a bit early I would have liked to lounge a bit, have a drink and a snack. So I followed the signs "Restaurant" ..... hahahaha big mistake.

"Foodstop" is the only "restaurant" on the domestic side of the airport and consists of all kind of fast-food junk-food shops in a small & crowded area with crappy chairs. Not a good place to sit and relax after a long day working in Bangkok or after a long international flight.

OK of course there are airline lounges from Thai Airways or Bangkok Airways for the "Gold Club" members but otherwise you are designated to sit and wait at the gate because there is nothing else. The only good thing is that the chairs now have soft & warm cushions instead of the cold steel chairs that they have before. You want something to drink? At the shopping area are 2 places that sell drinks for very inflated prices.

Recommendation .... if you want to eat & drink something at the domestic side of Survarnabhumi airport then take it with you! Of shit forgot .... security check probably won't let you. Clever boys.

O yes if you want to use the "free" WiFi at the airport you have to register first at a airport-counter .... very handy when you are already at the gate. O yes and it is only 15-min free, after that you have to pay for it. BTW Do not forget that transfer from Survarnabhumi Airport to Don Muang Airport will take you about 1 hour. So in between a flight arriving at one airport to a flight from the other airport should be at least 4 hours to be safe.

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