Alpbach, a tiroler village in Austria

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The village Alpbach is located about 10 km from the E60 autobahn to Innsbruck and it is both in summer and in winter a very attractive little village to enjoy the Alps of Austria. It was in 1973 that I was in Alpbach the last time but it is still the small Tyrolese village with wooden houses and friendly people. Thanks to a law from 1953 all new building have to be build in the same traditional Tyrolese style. And although there has been some expansion of the village you do hardly notice it. Luckily there is now a "Spar" supermarket but the old bakery and others old shops are still there. For the winter-sport holidays Alpbach at 1.000 meter high, with mountains around it reaching the 2.000 meter. And for the summer-sport as mountain biking or hiking there are great trails set out. 

Alpbach in Austria

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