On the motorbike from Khon Kaen to Loei

Motorbike riding in Thailand

Reposting a motorbike trip report of 2013. Flat distance 185-km with an max. altitude of 946m. Oops I did it again ... Mark and I talked each other into making a motorbike trip. We started a bit late but our first stop Loei is only 200 km from Khon Kaen. We would meet each other at the "King Hotel" in Loei. I took again route 12 in direction of Chumpae and Lom Sak. The first 100 km is a very straight boring road, but about 30 km after Chumpae the route goes into the the mountains of "Nam Nao National Park". It is a bit hazy & dry, and there are small bush fires everywhere. But this a very nice twisty part of the route and worth the way around going to Loei. For more motorbike trip reports in Thailand see MOTORBIKE TRIP REPORTS.

Going to Dan Sai, North-East Thailand

At Num Chun I took a right hand turn to Lom Sak to follow route 203 (21) in direction of Dan Sai and Loei. At the exit signs of Dan Sai I took a left hand turn to Dan Sai and followed route 2014. Dan Sai is famous for its ghost-masks and the yearly celebration of Phi Ta Khon Festival. Route 2014 to Dan Sai is a nice twisty route with nice views if it would not have been so hazy because of all the bush fires. At one point there was a real big fire going on and I got dirt in my eyes (even when wearing a full-face helmet!). So I stopped  and took of my helmet. And now I heard the big fire, still about 1 km away! The burning of bamboo sounds like firework!

I continued the road to Dan Sai and stopped at what should have been a view point (but not with all the haze & smoke). After Dan Sai I took route 2013 in direction of Phue Ruea to merge again with route 203 in direction of Loei. Phue Ruea is a beautiful area where there are a lot of flower plantations. At Phue Ruea is also a high mountain (National Park) where a road goes all the way to the top. From here you have a beautiful view over the valley of Loei. There also is a camping ground to stay overnight so you can be there to watch the sunset and the next day sunrise.

Ghost in Dan Sai - Thailand
Ghost in Dan Sai - Thailand

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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