Where and what in Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen - Thailand

So you are going to live in Khon Kaen? But now .... where are banks? Where are the best markets?

Can be found at "Central Plaza", "BigC" and "Tesco/Lotos".
Some banks have also offices along Mittraphap road (Mid section) and Sri Chan road.

Car dealers
All common Thai car brands are represented in Khon Kaen, even Mercedes and BMW.
The most are located along Mittraphap rd (mid section)

Shopping Malls
"Central Plaza", at the intersection of Mittraphap rd and Sri Chan rd.
     Selling cloths, telephones, computers and food. It has an Robinson department store
"Fairy Plaza", along Na Muang rd (opposite soi 17)
     Selling cloths and food. It has and Tesco/Lotus.
"TukCom Plaza", Opposite Kosa Hotel
     Famous for its computer & telephone shops but also selling cloths and food.
"HUGZ Mall", Sri Chan road
     Lifestyle mall with also House of Beers (HOBS)

Car washes
Can be found at "BigC", "Makro" and "Tesco/Lotus"
Of course there will be much more places .....

Cinema's (movies)
  • Can be found at "Fairy Plaza", "Central Plaza" and "Tesco/Lotus Extra".
  • And of course the open air cinema at the round-about at Sri Chan road
DIY-shops (home building shops)
  • "Home Pro", Mittraphap rd (Southern-east section)
  • "Home Hub", 500m after Home Pro
  • "Global House", Maliwan rd (near the road going to the airport)
  • "Thai Wat Zadu", left hand side, 2km north of the ring road
  • "Do Home", right hand side, 1km north of the ring road
  • "Baan & Beyond", in front of BigC at Mitrraphap road.
Furniture shops
  • "Index Shopping Mall", Mittraphap rd (Southern-east section)
  • "Koncept 1", Mittraphap rd (Mid-west section)
  • "Koncept 2", Maliwan rd (near Global House)
  • Khon Kaen RAM
  • Khon Kaen Hospital
  • Si Nakarin Hospital
  • Pracha wet Hospital
  • Bangkok Hospital Khon Kaen
Fresh (food) Markets
"Kham Hai" afternoon market, along northern side of  Bung Nong Khot (lake)

Other Markets
  • "Pratunam Market", Mittraphap rd, full-time day market selling mainly cloths
  • "Night Market", closed street between Na Muang rd and Klang Muang rd
  • "Ton Tann Market", Mittraphap rd, open 1600-2200hr, cloths & food
Western bar scene
Mostly around Pullman Hotel ("Blue Bar", "Eric's bar", "My bar", "Tiki Tiki bar").
Around Bung Kaen Nakorn (lake) seem to start to be more bars (like "Chocolate bare")

Thai bar scene
  • Actually spread all over the city, some along Bung Kaen Nakhorn (lake) and some along Bung Nong Khot (lake).
  • "U-bar", behind Pullman Hotel
  • "Rad Entertainment complex", behind Glacier hotel
  • "Tawang Deang", huge new complex, Chalermprakiat rd (between Sri Chan rd and Prachasamoson rd
  • Some small places like "Chang Noi" near the 3 big hotels
  • "Le Spa" at Pullman Hotel
  • "Cheewathip", along west side  of Bung Kaen Nakorn (lake)
"Department of Land Transport 1"
     Located the corner of Soon Rachakarn rd and Kasikorn Thungsang rd
     For getting your driver license and paying road tax
"Department of Land Transport 2"
     Located along Mitraphap rd., about 5km north of the ring rd
     For truck and for getting your "International Car Transfer" purple book
"Immigration Office"
     Located along Mittraphap rd (North-eastern section)
     For 90-day reporting or anything with your visa.

  • "Laos Consulate-General", Mittraphap road (opposite Tesco/Lotus-Extra)
  • "Vietnam Consulate-General"65/6 Chatapadung
  • "Chinese Consulate", east-side of Bung Kaen Nakorn
  • "Airport", Located at the end of Khon-Kaen-Airport road, which is along Maliwan rd (route 12)
  • "Railway station", Located behind the 3 big hotels
  • "Old bus-station 1", Located along Pracha Samoson rd (about 500m from Mittraphap rd)
  • "Aircon bus-station 2", Located along Klang Muang rd
  • "New bus-station 3", Located along the ring road (south-west)
     Located along Mittraphap rd (mid-west section)
     Has MK-Suki, KFC, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank
     Located along Mittraphap rd (South-eastern section)
     Has MK-Suki, KFC, Siam Commercial, AEON ATM
"Tesco/Lotus Extra"
     Located along Mittraphap rd (North-western section)
     Has Food Court, KFC, Pizza hut, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank
"Old Tops"
     Located under TukCom (opposite Kosa Hotel)
"New Tops"
     Located under Central Plaza
     Located along Mittraphap rd (South-west section)

Upscale Hotels
  • "Kosa Hotel", center of town
  • "Pullman Hotel", center of town
  • "Charoen Thani Hotel", center of town
  • "Glacier Hotel", modern new hotel behind the previous 3 hotels
  • "Wishing Tree Resort", 15 km south of Khon Kaen city along the Chi river
  • "Rachawadee Resort", near the airport with bungalows and nice garden
Other Hotels
  • "Pratunam Hotel", Mittraphap rd at Pratunam Market
  • "Iyaris Hotel", on a soi of Thanon Ban Kok
  • "Roma Hotel", Klang Munag rd (near Aircon bus-station)
  • "Narakul Resort Hotel", on a soi of Thanon Ban Kok
Other shops
"Bon Appetite" Sri Chan rd (near Ban Sri Tan) selling the best meat of KK

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