Savannakhet like Vientiane was 20 years ago

Traveling in Laos
Talad Yen in Savanaket, Laos

A lot have changed since the time Laos was still a French colony and crossing from Thailand to Laos was done with a small boat. It is a bit the "Telegraph road" story. Since a few years there is bride connecting the area of Mukdahan in Thailand and Savanakhet in Laos. And although the Thai side modernised (read "lost cultural heritage) it seems that Savannakhet is (or actually was) forgotten by time. It is still a village style city with a  historical downtown with remembrance the French colonial days. I liked it very much and I am sure I will be back here soon. Yes I know too many places to come back. What I can say for now ..... If you want to see Savanakhet as the Vientiane of 20 years ago .... GO NOW. I am afraid that in the near future it will become another Pai, Chiang Khan, Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

Savanakhet, Laos

Savanakhet, Laos

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