Why do you travel?

Reading on internet travellers questions like .......
  • How many countries have you been?
  • Are there any other French people that I can meet in Thailand?
  • Do they have western food in China?
  • What day is the full-moon party?
........ I was wondering why people travel?

Of course most people are not traveling but are on holiday. Just to relax. But do you travel to countries just to be able to say "I have been there"? Or do you travel 10.000km to meet your fellow school mates and watch MTV? Do you travel 9.000 km to see the high-lights by touring-car without eating the local food or meeting the local people? For me traveling is learning new things. That things might be a new city, a new culture, new people, new food .... whatever. For me it does not have to be a high-light I can talk about when I am back home, like "I have been to The Great Wall of China" or 'I have been to the Grand Canyon". And it actually does not have to be far away. Although I have seen a few countries and I am thankful that I had the opportunity and privilege to have been there I now starting to discover the beauty of the area where I am currently living. I enjoy to ride my bike up a mountain and watch a sunset while have a chat with a monk. I enjoy eating a noodle-soup in a small village with 20 kids around me wondering what the heck I am doing there.

I do travel to learn and to enrich my experience in life. To be open for other cultures, religion and people. So we learn that we are all living at that same planet. Together. So when you are planning your traveling, be open and take a risk in meeting new things and other people. Enjoy the local food and stay just a little bit longer so you will be able to see a little bit further as the outer shell most people only see.

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

The journey of Traveling 2 Thailand did begin with One Night in Bangkok in 1985 and since 2009 it became a personal non-commercial travel blog as inspiration for traveling & motorbike riding in Thailand. Made just for the sheer love of traveling and sharing experience about traveling in South-East Asia. To travel beyond the beaten track & highlights. Enjoy!