Traveling from Loei to Nan along the Thai-Lao border

Traveling in Thailand

From the beautiful mountains of Loei province you can travel along the Thai-Lao border to Nan province. A journey full of unexpected waterfalls, small hidden temples, national parks, stunning landscapes, mountains and combined with a touch of real upcountry life. Both Loei and Nan are provinces that for not that long ago were far away and remote area's due the non-accessible mountains. And for that reason they remained independent and were seen as the last strongholds of the Communist Party of Thailand (CPT) in 70's. Thanks to this, modernisation came late and we can travel along an area where you can still travel more as 200 km without seeing an 7-11 supermarket or Tesco-Lotus (or an ATM for that matter). Making this beautiful tour you should take between 1 night/2 days and 2 nights/3 days. 

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Border Market between Laos and Thailand

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