Nightlife in Khon Kaen

Nightlife in Khon Kaen
Nightlife in Khon Kaen

After living a few years in Khon Kaen and used to the nightlife of Pattaya & Bangkok I can answer some questions about nightlife in Khon Kaen.

A-go-go bars? No way and there probably will never be
Disco's? Yes, although a bit different as western people would think. But I think "U-bar" behind the Pullman Hotel is the best choice.

Short-time hotels? Yes, I noticed 3 but I am sure there must be many more. There is a good new looking one along the southern part of Klang Muang road. Be noticed that due to the lack of privacy in Thai families the customers of Thai short-time hotels are also many married couples or young lovers.

Short-time bars? No and yes ...  there in all kind of different levels karaoke bars which of course are not short-time bars but ..... have a look at the karaoke bars in all the major hotels or at the small soi behind Glacier Hotel.

Pubs with live music? Yes all over Khon Kaen. A few are around the area of the major hotels and quit a few south of Khon Kaen University. There even is a huge "Tawang Deang" with live concerts of famous Thai bands. The weird thing is they are all over the city on the most weird places.

Western oriented beer bars? Yes, mostly around the area of the major hotels and along Bung Kaen Nakhorn lake. Bars like "My Bar", "Blues Bar", "Erics bar" and "No.1 Bar".

Entertainment complex? Like "Rad" near Glacier hotel, but the pub's & disco's are actually spread all over the city.

Restaurants ? Yes, and again all over the city of Khon Kaen same like the pubs. Well, actually in Thailand there is a fine-line between pubs and restaurants. There are a few along the street going to the train-station and along the street behind the Pullman Hotel. And a few on the street behind the KKU.

Massages parlors? Again yes and no .... No not like in Pattaya or Bangkok but there are quit a few genuine massages places along Bung Kaen Nakhorn Lake. And yes there are at least 3 or 4 so called "soapy" massages places ... again at the major hotels.

Gay scene? Yes, at least according to some friends but I do not have a clue about how & where.

In summary I would say that there are 3 area's for nightlife and entertainment in Khon Kaen.
  1. The area of the major hotels as Pullman and Kosa
  2. The area of Bung Kaen Nakorn Lake
  3. The area south of Khon Kaen University

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