Traveling and discovering Loei province

Traveling Beyond the Highlights "Discovering Loei province"
Rice Fields in Loei, Thailand

Loei province was once the most remote province in Thailand and it probably still is one of the less travelled provinces of Thailand. When Thai people say "Pai Loei" (literally "Go to Loei") they do mean to say "Go away, as far as possible". Indeed to Loei. Loei is the name of the province and of the city. Loei city is only about 50 km from the Lao border and is a great base for the new gateway to Laos at the international border crossing at Thali with the new road to Luang Prabang (Laos). Loei province is bordering Laos, with partly the mighty Mekong River as border between Thailand and Laos. Loei province is also home to stunning mountain ranges, the biggest of North-East Thailand. Like "Phu Hin Rong Khla" National Park, that was once home to the "Communist Party of Thailand" (CPT), where you can still see the ruins of hospitals and bunkers build in the mountains. And like "Phu Thap Boek" where descents from hill-tribes are still living and now growing vegetable instead of poppy fields.

You can also visit the old fashioned village Chiang Khan along the Mekong River and make an stunning sunset boat-trip on the Mekong River. Visiting & Exploring Loei province can vary from 3 nights/4 days to 6 nights/7 days, depending on what you want to do. Loei has an airport, so it easy to fly in from Bangkok. Or you can take the bus from any big city in Thailand.

Weird meditation temple in the mountains

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