On the motorbike from Kratie to Kampong Cham, Cambodia

Motorbike Riding in Cambodia
A village along the Mekong River in Cambodia

Following is a Motorbike Trip Report as part of a riding from Thailand to Laos and Cambodia in 2012. For more motorbike trip reports see MOTORBIKE TRIP REPORTS. We took the scenic route from Kracheh (Kratie) to Kampong Cham, along the Mekong river. It became even more scenic when we lost the main road and it became a track with dust, dust, dust, sand and many put-holes. Although only about 120 km it took us about 6hours and at last I was very happy to see signs of civilisation again. On the other hand it was a beautiful route with small village where all the kids came out to cheer for us "Hello" .... 

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