Train stations in Thailand, first station Hua Lamphong in Bangkok

Hua Lumphon in Bangkok

Hua Lamphong train station, the grand old lady of train stations in Thailand where many tourist have spend time waiting for the train to Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Nong Khai or Ubon Ratchathani. But end December 2021 the last train will be leaving this station when its function is taken over by Bang Sue. Unfortunately it is not yet sure what will happen with this old station. The owner (SRT) would probably like to use the land to pay of the huge debt they have. But hopefully the grand old lady will be saved and kept as memory of the old days of Bangkok and actually the old days of traveling in Thailand.

In 2017 I was in Bangkok and made some photos of this lovely old train station. I love traveling by train, it goes slow and it brings you in contact with real life in Thailand. So I took the early day train from Bangkok train station to Khon Kaen. It was a wonderful trip and I arrived in the afternoon. Along the way drinks & food was sold and I could walk around in the train. Once after passing Saraburi the surroundings be become beautiful. Try it! Construction of this train station started in 1910 and it was officially opened in 1916. The official name is Sathani Rotfai Krungthep in Thai. And in English Bangkok Station, but the informal name Hua Lamphong is used worldwide and even by Thai. The word Lamphong is sometimes also written as Lumphon or Lampong. If you like old Thai train stations then hurry up and visit them all as modernisation is destroying beautiful history!

Easy to go to by subway and underground walk path of 300 meters

Platforms 1 to 12

Waiting for the train (upstairs is a good coffee shop for breakfast)

Where is my train?

Local 2 class airo seating

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I always wanted ....

Washing the train

Locale 3 class non-airco seating

One night in Bangkok and the world is your oyster

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