Almost everything about Khon Kaen

Sunset over Ubolrat  Lake near Khon Kaen, North-East Thailand

Khon Kaen is a provincial city in the centre of the Isaan (North-East of Thailand) and it is growing fast, e.g. being nicknamed "Little Bangkok". No, it is far by not so big as Bangkok but new shops, restaurants, markets, condo's, housing-estates, etc. are build every week. The number of cars is exploding and not the cheap one's! Yes, there is a lot of money in Khon Kaen. Flights to/from Bangkok are increasing. Yes, Khon Kaen is booming. Khon Kaen is the capital city of the province Khon Kaen and there is a Lao Consulate, Vietnamese Consulate and also a Chinese Consulate. So Khon Kaen is also a good base for travelling to Laos (via Nong Khai, Nakhon Phanom or Mukdahan) and even to Vietnam (via Mukdahan).

How to get to/from Khon Kaen?
  • Air  : There is a domestic airport (KKC), see Khon Kaen Airport
  • Bus : There are buses to/from all major cities in Thailand, see Getting to/from Khon Kaen
  • Train : You can take the train from Bangkok or Nong Khai, see Getting to/from Khon Kaen
  • For more information about the train see SRT
  • Roads :  All major road in Thailand are good & safe and you could travel by car from Bangkok in about 5 to 6 hours.

How to get around?
  • By taxi (they might refuse to use the meter or charge 20 Thai baht extra).
  • Very limited Tuk-Tuk's, Skylab or motorbike-taxi, actually only at Central Plaza, bus-stations and Pratunam Market and big supermarkets.
  • Very limited Bicycle Samlors.
  • Songtheauw's for fixed routes.
  • You can rent car or motorcycle.
  • Bicycle would not be a good idea due to the traffic.
  • As you see most people have their own car here in Khon Kaen.

Where to stay?
The centre of town is considered to be around the Pullman hotel, although another nice area is around Bung Kaen Nakhon. Of course you can book any of these hotels at Agoda Hotels Khon Kaen

Where to eat?
There are many restaurants, most of them simple Thai restaurants of Thai Pub & Restaurant. There are actually not much real restaurants and even less western oriented restaurants. Around Bung Kaen Nakon Lake are a few good restaurants, just as in the area around the Pullman hotel.

Where to go shopping?
  • Pratunam Market
  • Central Plaza
  • Fairy Plaza
  • HUGZ Mall
  • Ton Tann Market (every evening)
  • Night Market / Walking Street (every evening)
What to do in town?
  • Khon Kaen is not really a tourist destination, but ....
  • Visit the Wat Phra Mahatat Kaen Nakon
  • Visit Buang Kaen Nakon in the early morning or late afternoon
  • Visit the night-market "Walking Street"
  • Go to the fruit market near the train station
  • For a night party go to U-Bar or Rad

What to do nearby?
  • Have late lunch at Ubolrate Lake (20 km north-west)
  • Visit Phu Kradung and the Dinosaur museum (full day trip)
  • Visit nearby ancient Khmer temples

Is there more information?
For other information read Chang Noi in Khon Kaen
Shopping ...where are the shops and banks? See Expat information Khon Kaen
Or looking for nightlife and party in Khon Kaen? Find it at Nightlife in Khon Kaen

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